Property is not an intrinsic property.

It’s a manufactured concept that organizes human action and perspective. The world is not made of property and owners; it is made of trees, rivers, sediment, amphibians, birds, animals, etc. It is made of an infinity of life forms, fluid through time. There is no essence of being-property which defines a forest, a crescent of land, a strain of corn, a group of horses, a human slave. These things are not property in themselves. They get called property. They get made property. And their identity is lost.

Property revalues the world anthropocentrically. It puts existence in the domain of control. It revalues the world instrumentally. The existence of a mountain no longer belongs to the mountain; it belongs to the human who owns the title deed. And the human has complete control. The human can invert the mountain into a mine, bottle its water to sell, shoot the grizzly bears and cougars who live on it, cut its slopes into fields. Any action done is justified because the mountain is property. Its existence is determined by its owner.  

But it is not the essence of humanity to be property owners. This is a word we gave ourselves after of a long history of political thought. We defined ourselves as the sole life-form allowed ownership. And then later, the sole life-form allowed self-ownership. We are subjects in a world of objects, a world of property. So where is there room for ethics?

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